Can We Talk About Islam?

Taboo   Off Limits   No Critical Debate


In the UK it seems that discussing Islam is not the thing to do. The general consensus is that Islam is a topic that must be approached with such sensitivity that  people don't feel able or qualified to raise it in polite conversation. One day the  front pages of every newspaper talks about Jihadi John and ISIS, while the next day the news is about Muslim and Christian leaders embracing at a multi-faith event. Confusion remains.

Can We Talk About Islam? seeks to dispel this confusion and shine some light on what Islam is and is not. Non Muslims are often fearful about addressing Islam and we see this same fear shutting down debate and restricting any form of evangelism from our Churches.  We seek to:

  • Educate the general public about what Islam is, how Muslims follow its teachings and how a 7th Century religion manifests itself in the 21st Century. The rise of Political Islam often seeks to restrict freedom of religious choice and expression, freedom of speech and freedom to choose and change political representatives. 
  • Equip individuals with the tools needed to engage in the public discourse on Islam and to confidently tackle the misconceptions and confusion that Islam often stirs up in the West. 
  • Embrace Muslims while expressing concerns about fundamental Islamic teaching. 
  • Evangelism should be the norm for any follower of Jesus as we have the Good News of salvation and we are called to share that Good News. We will look at how to start on common ground with Islam and how to introduce Jesus and his teaching to our Muslim friends and colleagues. 

The CanWeTalkAboutIslam? team would love to come and speak at your church for an evening or Saturday morning. We are flexible and able to fit into your church programme with either a 1 hour slot or 3 45 minute sessions. Please go to the "Speak at your church" tab at the top of this page and fill in the form with details of your church and we will be in touch.